From climbing mountains and sailing the seas, to air travel and spaceflight, humanity has always gone higher and farther, for a better and new perspective of our world. Now, we want to take you to the edge of space to experience what scarcely anyone has – the perspective of Earth as a planet, a spaceship for all humanity and our global biosphere, spinning in the deep dark void of our solar system in our Milky Way Galaxy.

Our Vision

Our mission is personal. In the early 90’s we designed the air, food and water systems for Biosphere 2, still the most advanced prototype space base ever built and operated. We were in the original crew of eight people to live for two years inside our artificial biosphere, an entirely sealed and simplified version of Biosphere 1, our planetary biosphere. This visceral and literal experience of interconnectedness with our living life support system is akin to the experience of astronauts. They see our global biosphere from the outside; we experienced it from the inside.

Even then we talked about our destiny as a multi-planetary species, a vision whereby humans explore space for the betterment of all. This is our quest.

Spaceflight and astronomy have enabled what are maybe the most significant changes in humanity’s self-perception, knowing our place in this universe, Carl Sagan’s iconic pale blue dot, the space perspective. Few endeavors are more meaningful than making travel to the edge of space safely accessible to millions of people from every walk of life. By all accounts, the multifaceted, transformative experience of seeing the limb of the earth and atmosphere from space is stunningly beautiful, stark, and profoundly moving.

We invite you to join us on this journey to the edge of space, whether you want to fly on our Spaceship Neptune, or keep your feet on terra firma. We hold that space is for everyone – we are after all already in space. And we must see it to really believe it.

– Jane and Taber

A Historic Home

Space Perspective’s first Operations Center is on Florida’s Space Coast, in the heart of the civil and commercial space programs at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Flights launch from the iconic runway where the Space Shuttle landed upon its return from space. Additional planned launch locations include Cecil Spaceport in Florida, Hawaii, Alaska and elsewhere as we expand operations around the planet.