Spaceflight and astronomy began what are maybe the most significant changes in humanity’s perception of ourselves, our place in the universe, Carl Sagan’s iconic pale blue dot, the space perspective.  Few endeavors in aerospace are more significant than continuing that change in perception by providing the space perspective to humanity, making the transformative experience of traveling to the edge of space accessible to millions of people from every walk of life.  That is our quest. Join us.

Spaceflight is hard. Safe, routine human spaceflight is the hardest of the hard. If you enjoy working in a highly integrated team, rapidly moving from concept to flight test hardware, elegant engineering, disciplined manufacturing and testing, teamwork, the possibility for some crewmembers to fly on the hardware you have a hand in designing and building, helping our customers have experiences of a life time, and telling the world about it, then join our incredible crew who is dedicated to safely and routinely taking people to the edge of space.