Extensive Experience

Space Perspective is built on the successful 30-year track record of the award-winning duo, Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, whom Bloomberg Businessweek called “Masters of the Stratosphere.” Our crew members have led, developed or operated all human balloon flights to the stratosphere in the last 50 years.

*The stratosphere encircles the planet at the edge of space.

World Record for the Highest Human Balloon Flight


Founder, Co-CEO and Chief Experience Officer

Jane is Co-founder and founding CEO of World View Enterprises, the Silicon Valley-backed stratosphere balloon technology company with its revolutionary un-crewed Stratollite for communications and remote sensing. Formerly Chairman, Co-founder and President of Paragon Space Development Corporation, the Human Life Support Systems company with technologies on most human spacecraft today. Holds a patent for self-sustaining habitats flown on the Shuttle, Mir Space Station and International Space Station, which bred the first animals to reproduce in space. Member of Biosphere 2 design team and member of the original crew who lived for two years inside the sealed, self-sustaining habitat, the most advanced prototype space base ever built and operated.  Her TED talk on the project has been seen over a million times. She authored The Human Experiment: Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2.


Founder, Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Taber is Chairman of the Board of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the leading private spaceflight industry group. He is Co-founder and founding Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of World View Enterprises. He was the co-founder, CEO and CTO of Paragon Space Development Corporation, and his patented technologies are on most human spacecraft including the International Space Station. He was CTO and safety officer for StratEx, a project that launched Google Executive Alan Eustace to the edge of space under a balloon, breaking the Red Bull Stratos Spacedive record in 2014. Taber is a founding member of the Biosphere 2 design team, and one of eight original crew members that spent two years inside the materially sealed three-acre ecological system, which demonstrated the viability of artificial biospheres for use on Earth and in long-duration interplanetary travel.

Kirby Harris

Board Member

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Base Ventures, the Silicon Valley VC firm and Space Perspective shareholder whom Business Insider named among the most influential technology investment firms. Kirby has over 20 years’ experience in the capital markets and investing in startups, including aviation, lighter-than-air, and impact investing in clean energy.

Dr. Alan Eustace

Founding Board Member

Alan is the StratEx test pilot who broke the world altitude record for a spacedive from a balloon. He flew to 136,000 feet from where he freefell for almost five minutes, broke the speed of sound and landed safely back on Earth. He is one of only three people alive today who have flown in the stratosphere under a balloon, which he has done three times. He holds the record for the highest human flight under a balloon. His TED talk, “I leapt from the Stratosphere. Here’s how I did it,” is a must see, as is the documentary about StratEx, “14 Minutes from Earth.” Alan’s spacesuit is on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. He was formerly Google’s SVP of Knowledge.

Anton Brevde

Board Member

Partner of Prime Movers Lab, a leading VC firm and Space Perspective investor. He brings his seven years of startup experience to the company. Previously, Anton was co-founder and CEO of Asseta, a B2B marketplace for manufacturing equipment and spare parts. Asseta provides leading semiconductor manufacturers a safe and efficient platform to sell their excess assets. He worked with premier investors and Fortune 1000 companies across the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Japan.

Jeff Hoffman

Senior Technical Advisor

NASA Astronaut who flew over 21 million miles in space during five Space Shuttle flights, becoming the first astronaut to log 1,000 hours on the Shuttle. He performed NASA’s first unplanned contingency spacewalk and was an EVA crewmember of the first Hubble Space Telescope repair mission, performing space walks to fix the telescope’s vision. An astrophysicist and professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, he is Deputy Principal Investigator of the MOXIE experiment on Mars2020 Perseverance mission, that landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. MOXIE will be the first extraterrestrial demonstration of In-Situ Resource Utilization, turning atmospheric CO2 into breathable oxygen. He was elected to the US Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2007.

Zane Maccagnano 

Neptune Design

Unique combination of aviation, human spaceflight, stratospheric balloon system technology and human flight operations.  Includes thermal technology used on the Dream Chaser ISS supply spacecraft; structural, mechanical and life support system lead for StratEx; and design engineering lead for the World View Stratollite.

Dr. John Straus

Spaceship Operations

Led the design and operation of more space balloon systems for both human and un-crewed flights than anyone else in the world. He holds many world records in space ballooning, including the heaviest payload launched by a balloon to the edge of space, and the StratEx flight sending Alan Eustace to the world record altitude of 136,000 feet in human space balloon flight.

Rodger Farley

Balloon Systems

World authority on stratospheric balloon design. Chief designer for NASA’s super pressure balloon that set the world record for flight duration, and for World View’s Stratollite long-duration station-keeping balloon system. Developed the first 3-D flight dynamics simulation tool for balloon ascent and float, used by NASA and others. AIAA 2018 Engineer of the Year.

Don Day

Meteorology Operations

Leading meteorologist for high-altitude ballooning, providing expert analysis and forecasting for human and un-crewed flights including for NASA, plus Stratos and StratEx spacedives.

Dr. Jonathan Clark 

Safety Operations

Safety advisor for all human stratospheric balloon flights in recent history including StratEx and Stratos. Member of NASA’s Columbia Space Shuttle accident investigation panel. Former NASA and Navy Flight surgeon and Navy Diver.

David Jourdan

Marine Operations

Led StratEx recovery team. 30 years of open-ocean operations and deep-sea exploration. Led missions to salvage ships and submarines in deep ocean. Former Navy submariner.

Dr. Nicolaos Spyropoulos 

Business Development Executive

In commercial space industry for almost 30 years, working as executive at numerous satellite and space-balloon companies. Applied novel satellite imaging and communications systems to supporting community development. Inspired by the power of human spaceflight to positively transform life on Earth.


Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

Chris was the Managing Director of Chestnut Hills Partners, a Private Investment Bank, with 35 years’ experience. He previously was CEO of Metrocall, aka Cellular One, the first-ever digital  wireless carrier, which he built from early stage through IPO. He has participated in or led multiple company and private equity exits. An expert professional diver, Chris and fellow Navy divers personally developed mixed gas diving that allows humans to safely work in deep waters.